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How to achieve a half up half down ponytail

How to achieve a half up half down ponytail

3 steps to make a half up half down Pony with a middle part on curly wig!

1.Section off a front piece of the frontal and this is what it looks like. Then comb everything into place. We are going to be tucking this behind my ear but basically like you're making a ponytail a low ponytail  at the back of your wig.


2.now take the back section and run the hot comb through the top of that to get it nice and smooth. Once you get that tie down  take out a piece of stray hair in the back wrap that around the hair tie. So you don't see the rubber bands.


3.Pull down the ponytail. And then Define this curl pattern with a little bit of water.


Here you go!


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