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How to keep your wig Luxury?

How to keep your wig Luxury?

Follow this steps to keep your wig Luxury

How to wash your hair

Wig storing
1. Make sure your shiny wig is in clean condition & fully dry before storing it.

2.Fold your shiny wig in half from ear to ear.

3.Place a hairnet on the folded wig to maintain its style.

4.Put your wig in an myshiny Wig Before sealing the wig bag, try and remove the air from the bag as much as possible.

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  • This will be my second time buying a curly haired wig and I failed at taking care of it the first time. Any tips to keep it from matting/tangling and dreading? Also any tips on how to keep the wig from shedding at the scalp. That also happened to my Miyah piece and I want to know how to prevent that. Thank you!!

    Ashlynn Eaton

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