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5 Tips to Trim Your Bangs at Home 

5 Tips to Trim Your Bangs at Home 

Can you cut and style your bangs?
If not,you need to learn this blog carefully.
You need scissors, a round brush or whatever brush you use to style your bangs, a blow dryer, clips especially if you have really thick bangs and a comb.

1.The first tip that I have for you is to go ahead and find the exsiting section that your bangs are already cut in.
It's most likely a triangular shape section or it could be a little bit rounded.
If you're in doubt whether to include some hair or exclude some hair, go ahead and just exclude it for now. Clip back any hair that you're not going to be cutting.

2.And the second tip that I have for you is to take a second to notice any kind of growth patterns around the hairline.
If you have some cowlicks in your bangs, you could make sure to cut longer and leave the extra length because it will get shorter from the cowlick when you get that spring up.
I'm combing my bangs evenly and I'd like my bangs to be rounded, longer on the outside.
So, very taughtly, I'm twisting the bangs. I'm making sure that I have really even tension in my fingers.

3.And the third tip that I have for you is to always take very small, vertical snips.
This is more forgiving and gives the edges of your bangs a softer look.

4.The fourth tip that I have for you is to style your bangs as you would normally style them, go ahead and blow dry them, and then, refine them as they are normally styled.

5.My fifth and final tip is to finish off cutting your bangs with some point cutting.
So take a horizontal section, about a half an inch wide. The amount of sections that you have will depend on the thickness of your bangs. And what you're going to do is deeply cut vertical, vertically into your bangs.
Do this very slowly and very carefully and remember the golden rule, which is you can always take away more, but you can never add it back.

I'm just finishing off by refreshing the blow dry and style. I'm also going to blend the bangs into the sides of my hair just a little bit. But I just wanted to say I hope that these tips were helpful.
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