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How to wear the wig cap?

How to wear the wig cap?

Wigs are a fun way to temporarily change your hairstyle, but they can be itchy and irritating on your head. That's where wig caps come in, and it will protect your hair and make the wig more comfortable. Now, let’s learn how to wear the wig cap together!

1. Start by styling your hair so that it lies flat against your head. Slicked back your hairline with a little gel and add some oil to your braids, and then pin it up.

2.Put on the wig cap. Pull the wig cap all the way down well over your ears.

3.Take this free spray and spray it all around your hairline. Spray it gentlely so that it streams not everywhere just in like the places you want it to go.

4.Make the spray dry using the hair dryer and hold it with the close to your head. If you have a medium heat, I suggest doing for about 2 minutes.

5. Cut little slots for the ears so that we can get this part stuck all the way down. Put the little hole go, and then take the spray and spray it in the same places once again and blow-dry it once again.

6. Take your scissors and cut the cap’s edge off. You can start in the middle just like doing half and half, and then peel it back and decide how much you want to keep on there. It will take some time to peel back and cut the cap because we don’t want to risk cutting your hair.

7.Put your makeup on top of the cap to avoid making a difference between your skin and the cap. Using the foundation that's a little bit lighter than your skin and pat away on your cap.

Now, let’s wear your wig!

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