All you need to know: Cutting THE LACE off your wig | CELEBRITY TIPS & TRICKS

All you need to know: Cutting THE LACE off your wig | CELEBRITY TIPS & TRICKS

Look! you've been cutting the lace ALL WRONG! Let me show you how to do it perfectly, easily, and rather quickly! it's important how you cut the wig determineing how natural it will look. Let's get started.
1.Cut the lace off that is above your ear.
When you're cutting the lace, the first step and the most important step is you should focus on the lace near your ears. You may choose the wig making the lace a little longer so that you can actually customize it to your liking. Make sure the lace is directly on top of your hairline. You want to slide it up a little more but carefully not to minimize the forehead. Next, you can see it's too long and it's making your ears curl . Go ahead and cut off the excess lace following the shape of your ear that is above your ear because that kind of determines on how flat the lace will lay and then it also determines how comfortable your wig will be when you're wearing it.

2.Follow the hairline to cut the lace off.
You can get a nice sharp scissors or a razor blade. You want to know how to cut it in a way where it's not too jagged or it's not too straight. It looks natural, kind of blends in and melts with your skin. You can see I said jaggedy but not jaggedy straight. You can just try to do a zigzag but not small big legs that makes it look a little more natural rather than in a straight line.

After finishing cutting the lace carefully, you can continue to wear your glueless wig, comb the hair and so on.

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  • The tips were very helpful. Thank you.

    Carol Orisa

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