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Unsponsored Real Customer Review! Myshinywigs Review

Unsponsored Real Customer Review! Myshinywigs Review

The author of the blog is a real customer:Olamide

Now I would go straight to the point. I’m a very low maintenance kinda girl but I’ve always loved good hair on women. I don’t have the time to style, thong, trim and what not and I would tell you why these wigs are the bomb!

So I tried the Jay 13*6 seamless lace front. Now let me tell you, I know nothing about front lace or Swiss lace, HD lace, T part , U part etc all those words are very foreign to me and I had a tough time understanding it even after going on google. All I knew is I liked the look of this wig and I wanted to buy it.

First problem is this seller legit? So I went to google her reviews and boy! Was I blown away by the look of this wig on everyday people like me so I summoned courage and I added a couple of inches (I think I ended up with 22” or so) and girl was the maths mathing really quickly. This hair had better be worth it!

The hair came quickly (app. 4 days after purchase) it was weird that the UPS delivery guy dropped it at my apartment door and I’m like here goes…. Now this is my honest review of the hair!

Wig cap
I got a medium wig cap. Other hairs I had purchased did not give me an option of wig cap sizes and I must say this made a huge difference for me cause I struggled to style and fit those large bulgy caps on my head.
I did not need to do a thing to Lisa’s wig it fit like a glove and I absolutely loved that.

Now girls if you were not paying attention now is the time to pay attention. The texture of this wig…omg! Was it soft, silky and the most tangle free hair I had ever experienced. I ran my hair down this hair and it felt like a sin not to try it out. I couldn’t wait a single second

I did nothing! Absolutely nothing about the styling. Now I’m a beginner and I did worry about styling a hair with this density, length and curl. People, I did nothing! It was a side parted hair and I used my fingers to separate the parts and viola!!! The hair was ready. I didn’t know if to laugh or cry at all the money I had wasted on previous hair because I put zero effort to styling this wig. No styling, no fitting, absolutely nothing!
It fit my head and made the contours of my face pop out it was an absolute delight and I fell madly in love with the hair.

Beginner friendly
If like me you don’t want to sit long hours at a stylist or you just struggle with getting your wigs to work out. Then it’s another reason to purchase from MYSHINYWIGS because that is exactly what it is. I think no matter where you are in your wig journey these wigs are a very easy install.

Density of the hair
Now this is were I had huge problems with my other hair. The hairs appeared flat and scanty. I got a 180 density wig and it was unlike those I had previously purchased. I was eternally happy for the length, fullness and thickness of the hair. It was definitely worth every single penny I spent.

Customer Service
Lastly the customer service was impeccable. She sent me links teaching me about hair, maintenance, type and stuff and they were a pretty good source of information. She asked for my opinion about the service and you can sense her total dedication to her craft. Her after sales service too was impressive, she wanted to know my opinion about the hair and feedback and Even though I didn’t know her I totally enjoyed chatting and learning from her.

Now in conclusion there are a tonne of hair plugs out there but this are the reasons why I would always choose myshinywigs I am a thoroughly very satisfied customer and if you are having a second thought about purchasing her wigs I urge you to because apart from it making you bomb beautiful it’s worth every single dime of your money. I would give Lisa’s wigs 5 big stars!!!

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