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myshinywigs creator fund

Shiny creator fund ( share your passion for hair)
Beginning Aug.1st, 2021,creators who have purchased an MSW wig are eligible to join the Creators Fund. The Creator Fund is in its early stages, and we're continuously exploring new ways to let more people learn how to install a wig better and the way creators are rewarded. We’re looking forward to sharing more information soon!
the Creator Fund is there to celebrate and support the best and brightest talented people who have great passion for hair.
Whether you are a creator with questions, or simply want to know more about myshinywigs, or you are a creator could provideing many hair tutorials, here is everything you need to know about our new Shiny Creator Fund:
Why do we call it the Shiny Creator Fund?
The Creator Fund is not a grant or ad revenue sharing programme. Creators receive funds from their youtube videos about myshinywigs hair.
Why have you started the Shiny Creator Fund?
We want to show our appreciation to our brilliant shiny creator customer by rewarding them for their incredible hair videos and creativity. We want all creators to have the opportunity to earn money doing what they love and turn their hair passion into a livelihood. 
Is there a fixed number of creators who can take part? 
No! There's no limit on the number of creators who can join. We want as many eligible creators as possible to make money doing what they love for hair.
How are my funds calculated??
No two creators or videos are the same, and there is no limit to the different kinds of hair content we will support with the fund. 。 
myshinywigs hair tutorial video(video views in the last 30 days):
under 500views--$35   500+views--$100     1000+ views--$300

myshinywigs hair install video(video views in the last 30 days):
under 500views--$35   500+views--$80     1000+ views--$200

Other types of myshinywigs hair video(video views in the last 30 days):
under 500views--$35  500+views--$50     1000+ views--$100 

pls make sure the content is in line with youtube Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. 
Is there a max or a minimum earning per creator? Is there a limit to the size of the Creator Fund?
The sky is the limit! There isn't a fixed amount of money that we'll allocate to creators and we don't put a cap on the amount of funds released daily.We have committed to $1 million over the next 3 years to the Creator Fund.
Who is eligible? 
Creators who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply to the Shiny Creator Fund:
creators who have purchased an myshinywigs hair
How do creators apply for the Shiny Creator Fund?
Creators who meet the eligibility requirements sent the youtube link and paypal account to email: