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Real Scalp Tape Skin Color Hide Lace Grids Breathable For Lace Wig

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True Scalp Tape

To hide the knots on your lace front wig. Better than fake scalp. Easy to application. 

Size: 40×150mm

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How to use:  

First, cut the tape according to the lace area.

Second, turn the wig over and smooth its lace out. We recommend putting your wig on the mannequin head to make the lace flat. It’s more convenient to stick the tape.

Third, peel off the tape. Then stick it on the clean lace (without any makeup or lace tint).

Finally, remove the wig gently if it’s on the mannequin head. Then put the wig on your head.

In addition, we recommend that you cut the front of tape into a slight curve so that you won't see a noticeable line of demarcation.

Please notice:

Water and oil will affect its stickiness, so we recommend that you keep it away from water and oil.