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Grey hair Don’t care!

Grey hair Don’t care!

What will be your reaction when you find your first gray hair.

 - feel anxious or accept it?

Honestly in the last few years going ashy like mushroom Brown which was a huge Trend going platinum and even silver became massively trendy. And so many people have started to embrace their natural gray color. Myshinywigs also made a Gray platinum highlight color wigs for customers.

It's really people accepting that it's a part of who you are whether you have gray hair and you're 30s or 40s or even you're 20. Sometimes it's just a part of who you are and you accept it, you rock. It's all about what you feel inside. Gray hair don't care.

More and more women are willing to accept it and show the world that they are comfortable in their skin and hair.

If you decide to go gray gracefully, you may let your hair grow out and then keep it trimmed regularly until the transition is over.

Or there is another option - wear a gray salt and pepper human hair wig.

We have launched two styles of gray wigs - a layered bob and a natural curly. With the help of our customers, we made some improvements in the past months. We made it with about 80% gray hair instead of 25% so that the color transition is more natural. While trying them on, I felt the color softens my face somehow. Say amazing.


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