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How to cut bang on wig

How to cut bang on wig

We received many dms and comments from our customers about how to cut bang on a wig. Sometimes bangs can also act as a subtle aid in blending the hairline. So here we go now!


  • Tools: a sharp, small pair of scissors, mirror, a few clips or ponyholder , and comb.

Pick up the center part first, make sure it's laying first. Because if you start too wide as far as the ear as far as how wide you want your bang be, it's gonna spray so if you do it wide it's gonna come out wider. you have to pick a small section and let it spread the way it does.


And you always want to cut longer than usual because when you cut the bang you want to perfect it and everything like that you really have to. And twist it cut it, make sure you cut upwards in an upwards motion so we could give it like a jagged edge. You don't want a blanket so you need to make sure you cut up 
in little pieces
You flat iron and comb it out a few times. It's gonna fluff up and it's gonna naturally fall into like a filled-in kind of string.
If you want us to cut a bang for your wig, here are some bang wigs for you:


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