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Why is your wig shedding and how to prevent it?

Why is your wig shedding and how to prevent it?

Do you have trouble with hair shedding from your wig?

No one likes that word. So we're going to talk about why your wig sheds and on the other hand,

We're going to talk about ways to prevent it. Let's get started.

Why is your wig shedding ?

NO.1  Combing the wig when it’s wet.

NO.2  Combing the wig roughly. 

NO.3  Combing the wig from the roots to the end rather from the ends to the roots so you want to make sure that you are combing your wig and brushing your wig properly . So rather from combing from the roots to the end, you want to start at the end and comb up to the roots .

NO.4  Applying heavy oily, greasy products to your wig. Basically what this does creates residue. So the residue will coat the hair which will cause the hair strands to tangle which in terms cause shed. 

NO.5  Excessive heat. Have you ever noticed you start off with 24 inch bundles, after a couple of years, now they're like an eighteen or fourteen. Excessive heat also apply directly to the lace can cause rips. 

So you just want to make sure that you avoid all of those things, the last final reason it's just longevity- the lifespan of the wig. So typically if you've had the wig between six months to a year,

That's pretty much all she's gonna do you for it right. So you just want to make sure that the life expectancy for your wig if you're at the telling of that you might just want to go ahead and purchase a new wig if your wig is starting to shed. The best advice that I can give you is to buy two wigs. I know sometimes money doesn't permit, but if you can buy two identical wigs, you can just rotate that or just get you a plethora of wigs, so you can just keep rotating the wigs and then all your wigs last for years because you're not wearing it out.

So these things that you can do to prevent your wig from shedding.

1.Make surethat you're sleeping in your wig properly that means using a satin bonnet or head scarf to protect my edges and to protect my glue down and then I use the satin bonnet to protect the hair.

2.Anotherthing that you can do to prevent shedding is you can use a fray check.

You can basically take a make up square, apply a little bit of this on the makeup square and you just want to dab it on the lace you can also put it on the ends on the west if your wig is wefted. You want to make sure that you apply this to dry clean hair to prevent tangling and shedding.

3.Brush your wig every single day. Everyday you put it on, brush it.

4.Wash your hair once every otherweek. And in between that you can use a very good dry shampoo. You just want to make sure that you don't spray too much. Basically, what a dry shampoo does is it has a powdery base so it absorbs any essentials. It's going to absorb any um gunky mix nastiness in your hair and it's gonna neutralize the odor. Make your hair look like it's freshly washed and smell really good. However you still gotta wash it. So you can dry shampoo one week, the next week you're gonna wash it right.

Finally, hope these ways are hopeful and you can wear the wig without shedding.


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