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Wig bag | How To Store Your Wigs!

Wig bag | How To Store Your Wigs!

How do you store your wigs?
We ever communicated with a lot of Myshinywigs customers and they feedback that they have a lot of wigs. They store their wigs in the bin or hang in somewhere. Nobody want their wig messy because of the store. So we give full consideration to the needs of customers, not only to provide customers with good products, but also consider the packaging and storage of wigs. At last, we have updated the wig packaging. If you are a recent Myshinywigs customer, you have received our environmentally, friendly and practical packaging and of course, we hope that everyone who owns wigs can learn the tips of storing wigs from here.
We thought about it a lot and finally chose this wig bag, which has a lot of benefits. It can be folded or hanged in the closets for easy storage to take up less space. It’s suitable for daily storage and travel with it !

Advantages of the wig bag:
1.Non-woven bag with plastic hanger, prevent dust & moisture ,longer service life.
2.Keeping hair pattern well and prevent dust & moisture, prevent the hair from tangling.
3. Foldable design, one hanger for several wigs or hair bundles, folded storage and you can hang it in the closets for space saving.
4. The hanger is also a great option for styling your hair extensions, simply hang the hair up on the hanger.
5. Transparent environmental protection PVC, transparent design, at a glance.

How can you store your lovely wigs to keep them nice and fresh for a long time with wig bags?
The first thing you need to do is taking your hanger and gently pulling backwards on the metal hook to release the hanger and opening it gently, then taking your wigs and randomly place them onto the hanger. When you close the hanger, be sure to evenly apply the hair to the hanger making sure it is not bulky in one area. Next go ahead, close the hanger and gently tighten the hook back up. And now your wig is secured onto the hanger.

Put the wig into the bag, zip it up, and then hang the bag in the closet to store your wig.

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  • I love that idea it takes up less space if protects the hair that’s more than anyone else offers and I love that it protects the hair and the product. Thank you so much Cheryl Jennings.


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