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5 Best Bob Wigs For Black Women That Look Real and Are Easy to Install

5 Best Bob Wigs For Black Women That Look Real and Are Easy to Install

It’s starting to get hotter, which means bob season is almost upon us! A nice bob cut with an undetectable hairline can save tons of work, you don’t have to bleach the knots, tint the lace or pluck the hairline, or anything.


Myshinywigs is proud to say you definitely don't have to do any special tricks to make our wig work for you. Bob wigs are the go-to for the summer season so without further ado let's go ahead and jump right into the guide.

Bob Season is in full effect & messy bobs are always a vibe! The tail of the hair perm a fluffy wave can make the look more dynamic sense, and can add a sense of playfulness.
Hair info: "Jada" Super Glueless Lace Frontal Bob Wig Beginner Friendly, 12 inch


Beata will be easy to install with very minimal work. If you're traveling and you don't have to worry about bringing too many items to blend your hairline at all. Besides, short hair with bangs not only adjusts the width of the cheeks but also adjusts the proportion of the five features and enlarges the eyes.

Hair info: Beata | Bang Bob Glueless 13x4 Lace Frontal Bob Wig, 10-16 inch


Pixie cut is a great way to show sleek neck line, which visually has a good slimming effect on the face. And because the hair is relatively focused on the top, you will also look more taller.

Hair info: Victoria 13*5.5 Super Glueless Pixie Cut Lace Front Bob Wig Beginner Friendlym, 6 inch


No matter how dazzling the sun is in summer, it is not as dazzling as Gustave’s stunning color. Highlight Color is the best for women who want a naturally straight hair.

Hair info: Gustave | Highlight Color Straight Bob Wig 100% Human Hair, 10-14 inch


This queenly short hairstyle is definitely recommended for girls with cat eyes. This big parted slanted bangs is one of the most competent and dashing hairstyles.

Hair info: Olga | Pixie Cut Straight Bob Highlight Wig Orange Brown Human Hair Wigs, 8 inch


If you're looking for your go-to bob for the summer, above 5 types of wigs are good choices. All our products have a strict quality control system. We also offer the free exchange or return for unsatisfied products, the buyer does not need to pay return costs.


Thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment let me know what articles you would like to see coming this summer.

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