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Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss | Hair Extensions to Help Solve It Easy

Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss | Hair Extensions to Help Solve It Easy

Rihanna just had her first baby, but like all mothers who have just given birth to their first child, there is an immediate distress to be faced: post-partum hair shedding.


When you're pregnant you retain all your hair and it's shiny and thick and lovely, and then once you give birth it starts to shed. It can seem quite extreme because you haven't been shedding your hair naturally over time like you would when you're not pregnant, but it's totally normal. Here are some of the "new technology" products we've reviewed that will enhance the thickness of your hair and give your hair a little extra oomph from the inside out.


Make your scalp healthy with the power of carbonic acid  Carbonic acid removes dirt from scalp pores, promotes blood circulation, and gently relieves stiffness. Therefore, We recommended scalp pack containing high concentration carbonic acid foam used as cleansing before washing hair.


Easy refresh with dry shampoo  Dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and dirt without using water and makes your hair smooth and smooth.It's easy to feel refreshed when you can't take a shower right away, such as when your scalp or hair gets sticky due to humidity or heat.


Full-scale care for hair loss and gray hair at home   Seed oil takes care of the scalp and hair with the power, which activates melanin, the source of black hair, and fundamentally cares for gray hair.


Hair extension is the secret magic bullet that saves new mothers  This item has been attracting attention in recent years because it is convenient and can solve hair thinning problem immediately.

It's popular because there are many benefits

  • Smaller face! Indeed, more hair will show a smaller face, the top of the head will also show high, the proportion of features will look more coordinated, soft
  • Skinny! This will be more obvious, long hair to cover the meat, will make people look thinner
  • Simple! You can find a barber to install, you can also watch a video of their own installation
  • Good disassembly! No need to glue ingredients no harm to the hair
  • Invisible! Completely invisible hair extensions
  • Variety of shapes! And no need to dye or perm your own hair
  • No need to worry! Can be washed with your own hair, if you wash your hair once a week, hair extensions can last 8 weeks
  • Cost effective! Hair can be reused


Again, it's important to know yourself well. There are many different physical changes, and there are many ways to deal with problems and solutions. Instead of pursuing the correct answer, I want to explore the options that suit me. No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says, you decide what to do with yourself. Isn't that the first step toward beauty?

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