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Super Glueless 5*6 Lace Wig vs 5*5 Lace Wig

Super Glueless 5*6 Lace Wig vs 5*5 Lace Wig


Have you ever heard of 5*6 seamless lace closure wig, i think if you are an absolute beginner you may do not have an idea of what the heck is it. Everyone like Glueless wig, no need any glue, easy install, So many people choose 5*5 closure wig. But it still can't meet everyone's requirements, such as: doesn't fit the head well, Unnatural hairline, can't deep parting like 13*6, Lace area is no more and so on. We found that 5*6 seamless lace wig can solve these problems

5*5 closure wig VS 5*6 closure wig

A 5x6 closure is a human hair lace closure that can cover the head at the size of 6 inches length and 5 inches width. The closure is usually placed at the middle front of the head. It is big enough to do a free parting. The lace part in the middle of a wig is in the middle of the head and the rest is machine made. The lace is actually handmade, so all the knots on the lace are individually knotted.

Affordable price

Although 5*6 lace area is bigger , realistic hairline the same as 13*6, more fit for your head and deeper part than 5*5 closure wig, but the price isn't expensive, Othe contrary, 5*6 seamless lace closure wig start $209.99 will get extra $35 Off only 💥$179.99

What can you do with the 5x6

The 5x6 has plenty of parting space which is a plus to those who like to parting styles. It has a t part that allows you to do a deep middle part. You can also do side parts with it.

Other features worth noting

  • Removable elastic band to offer support
  • 4 combs
  • Bleached knots
  • Pre-plucked hair line so you won’t need to do it yourself

In conclusion

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen everything you need to know about the 5x6 seamless lace wig. Do I recommend you to get it yes of course.

I highly recommend it. You can find the wig readily available at our website

I’m so exicited and so glad with what we managed to came up with. I just can’t wait for other people to try it on and see if their problems are solved too. If not I will always go back to the drawing board to solve their problems as I have made it my job to. I’m pretty sure if an experienced and famous hairstylist likes it so much then you will like it too.

I highly recommend you get the solution hair that is the 5*6 lace closure wig on our website at

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