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How I created the 5*6 closure lace wig?

How I created the 5*6 closure lace wig?

The solution?

I have been in the wig business for a couple years now and all I ever want to do is have my customers. I always strive to have the best hair they can get be available to them. Lately I noticed that they might have been something that was missing from the hair collection. I just knew that something had been missing but I just couldn’t pin point to what was missing so I started doing my research to find out what it was and what could I do to make it available to everyone.

After seeing this I started  doing my research. What could that missing thing be? Which hair unit could be my clients be missing? What? Where? When? How? What kind of hair would solve all of my clients problems in installing. What is it? Where is it hiding? Why cant I find it? These are questions I would ask myself. Every night I couldn’t sleep thinking about these questions. Could it be the ummmm…..the what?

I went on the drawing board and started thinking what do my clients want? I also had to engage with a lot of my clients and stylist friends to figure out what they too would want because I couldn’t figure it out on my own. Doing my research I found out that they all wanted a special lace wig that is beginner friendly, super glue-less and also very easy on their pockets.

After a very long and intensive research I figured that between the 6*5 and the 5*6 closure wig they might have been my solution. But which one? I had to ask famous stylist Andrecavasier which one he thought was the best between the two since he has been in the business long and he knows what his many customers like when they get hair done by him. He told told me that the 5*6 closure wig was the better choice and would be very suitable.

After this we had to put heads together to come up with the solution hair. This when we designed what I would want to call the solution wig the 5*6 lace closure wig. I’m so proud with what we have made and I’m so excited for  all to try it and I hope all will be happy with the hair unit as I am too.

So you might be wondering what the 5*6 is it is a wig with a lace closure of with 5 inches and length 6 inches. I have a whole article describing what it is and why you should get it that you can check out.

The 5*6 compared with the 5*5 is an inch longer than the 5*5 and provides more space. They all use the same installation methods so do not worry about trying to install it. The 5*6 is very  begineer friendly. It is made with tender care and love direct from our factory and provides a very natural and realistic hairline.

I’m so  exicited and so glad with what we managed to  came up with. I just can’t wait for other people to try it on and see if their problems are solved too. If not I will always go back to the drawing board to solve their problems as I have made it my job to. I’m  pretty sure if an experienced and famous hairstylist likes it so much then you will like it too.

I highly recommend you get the solution hair that is the 5*6 lace closure wig on our website at


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