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If you want to start wearing wigs, I think you need to build your wig kit. Here are some suggestions that help you.

1.Shampoo & conditioner
When you first receive the wig, you want to wash your wigs. You can choose a moisturizing product to care for your wig.

2.Bleach & neutralizing shampoo &gloves&mixing bowl
Maybe you want to bleach your knots as far as bleaching your knots that make the world of a difference and make your wig look even more natural because it gives you the illusion that it's growing out of your scalp so as far as the bleach. I think myshinywigs don’t need to bleach the knots because they are bleached knots. It’s more friendly to beginners because bleaching knots is a skill.

You'll also need neutralizing shampoo just in case you have any brassiness when you are just washing out the bleach. Of course, you also need gloves and mixing bowl to make bleach.
3.Basic hair tools
Let's get into hair tools. First, we're gonna start off with Clips. Any kind of clips, I personally prefer the butterfly Clips. They're more comfortable and they help hold the hair really in any position The next thing is a rat tail comb. I use my rat tail comb whenever I'm applying my wig. Other two things are a paddle brush and a boar bristle brush. The boar bristle brush is double sided that it's
typically like hard on one side and then soft on the other. And I have it on deck to really smooth out my hair. You will definitely need a paddle brush just to detangle, to comb out the hair, to get shedded hair out and to get loose hair out anything like that.

Next we're going to talk about how we're going to apply the wig like we needed some state on our head. So the first thing is gonna be some type of adhesive.I would never work with any kind of ghost bond glue or anything like that because I take my wigs off every single night. I used got 2b free spray and then I've used both the black and the yellow got 2b glue gels. They are natural to fix a wig. By the way, myshinywigs are super glueless wigs that you need not to use any glue.
5. Hot tools
The first is a hot comb. You'll definitely need a hot comb it makes the world of a difference as far as your flat irons go and your curling irons go that's totally up to you. Flat iron is also needed so you can flat with it and curl with it. You will definitely need a blow dryer to take care of your hair.

6.Styling tools
When you get comfortable with plucking your hair line and really want to start making it more natural, you'll need sharp tweezers.
Another thing you'll need are some scissors to cut your lace. Then another item I think that would be really great in your stash are thinning shears.

They have come in handy so many times especially when I'm doing like bangs or fringe or you know something like that I highly recommend just having some thinning shears in your wig kit in your stash.
7.Hair products
First is a wax stick. You could use it for flyaways. You can use it in between the hair along with your hot combs who really flatten out the top to make it a little bit more natural. And it doesn't leave a lot of residue , as well it's a really awesome product.
The second product is wrap lotion. I love using wrap lotion that makes my installs more natural flatter. Of course you may have some type of curl enhancer to give your curly some shine.
A few items are optional but they're also very useful for you. And the first thing I want to mention is a wig head in a wig stand because you're able to really just style the hair do whatever you need to do on a mannequin head without it being on your own. It is more easier.
The next thing I highly recommend is lace tint. I will put it right here or down below the lace tint that I have used. You will definitely need to make sure your lace is the right color and make sure it's matching you so get a really great natural look.
Another thing I want to point out is alcohol. Alcohol cleans up all the residue really really well. You could try it.
Finally, I hope these are helpful.

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