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Why Tape In Hair Extensions Are My Heart's Desire

Why Tape In Hair Extensions Are My Heart's Desire

Hair extensions--3 women who love hair extensions share their experiences

Hair extensions are like dream comes true! This allows my scalp to breathe.

Is getting Hair extensions worth?

-I can't stand wearing wig caps. After wearing the wig, I felt my scalp was stuffy and hot, and couldn't breathe. I have been looking for a way without the wig cap. Hair extensions are like dream comes true! This allows my scalp to breathe.

This is my third hair extension experience , all of them are Tape-Ins. 

When I first got them, I have many questions about it, can it get wet & still be intact along with other concerns, but after my first try , I really fell in love with Tape-Ins. It looks so natural! It can be washed like normal hair. If you wash your hair once a week, it can last for more than 8 weeks. I think tape in hair extensions are more affordable and work better without pulling the hair too

I highly recommend tape in hair extensions!

 -I am a big fan of hair extensions! I feel that I have a right to speak. Recommended hair extensions: tape in hair extensions! It is more comfortable and basically does not lose any hair. The way is to use two pieces of tape in to stick the hair together. When removing them, it is very convenient to melt the glue with tape remover! Buying tape ins from and letting my friend do my hair extensions, saving a ton of time and money!


Finally, myshinywigs summarizes your most concerns about the hair extension.

-What is the best for the beginner? - Tape in hair extensions, because they are very easy, just glue on. Do not hurt the hair, and cheaper.

-Are tape in hair extensions obvious?  - Not obvious unless you pull your hair back or touch it.

- Is this uncomfortable? -It was a little uncomfortable to sleep on the first night, but it would be more comfortable to have two braids, but on the fourth day I didn't feel anything.

- Will there be hair loss? - Not found at present, it is almost the same as before.

-Will it be complicated to wash your hair? - Our hair can be washed like normal hair, I recommend that you can stand (with the bath) or wash it lying (go to the stylist shop to wash it).

-Can I blow the hairdryer after the extension?  -Can't be too hot, you need warmth/cold wind to keep it for a long time.

-Why does my hair fall out? - You can use a hair straightener to heat it after sticking, the temperature is about 300-400°F, heating for 5-6 seconds once (to prevent damage to the film), repeat 5-6 times, it will be more firm.

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