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Why We Are Obsessed With Headband Wig!

Why We Are Obsessed With Headband Wig!

Probably one of the best things that emerged out of 2020 was the reintroduction of the headband wig! Now, headband wigs are not new. Those of us old enough, remember rocking our headband wigs in the 90’s and 2000’s. The 90’s and 2000’s reflected a great time of DVD movies, great R&B music and our favorite TV sitcoms. Many of our favorite fashionable trends come in and out of popularity every few seasons. As life goes on, generations draw inspiration from yesterday. So, it is no surprise that the headband wig reemerged in 2020 bigger, better and more popular than ever before. The headband wig came about during a global pandemic, which marketed toward its accessibility and appeal. During the difficult COVID times, wig wearers were looking for something easy to wear, easy to style and affordable. The answer was the headband wig. Now the headband wig is super appealing for several reasons! I will name a few here:

Beginner Friendly/ Easy Install!

Myshinywigs headband wigs are ideal for expert wig wearers and very friendly to those who are new to wearing wigs and maybe intimidated by them. Warm up to wearing wigs with a headband wig. Headband wigs are literally, a plop on and go style. The average application time for myshiny headband wig is 5 minutes or less!

Super Natural & Realistic Look

No doubt about it, WE LOVE MYSHINYWIGS! But wig wearing can be super stressful when you have to worry about your lace application and part looking natural or realistic. Melted lace can be especially intimidating for new wig wearers. A wig with poor lace application can be an embarrassing disaster. How about we CUT OUT THE LACE? Rocking a super cute headband wig eliminates the stress and worry with a “melted” hairline looking realistic. With myshiny headband wig, use your favorite edge control to lay down your edges and plop on your headband wig for a super realistic style. Everyone will think you are wearing YOUR OWN HAIR!

Great Protective Style & Great for “Everyday” Wear!

Myshiny headband wigs are a great protective style that will allow your natural hair to rest from the stress that everyday styling can place on your natural hair. Myshiny headband wigs give you endless styling options, because they come in a variety of textures. Silky straight, body wave, water wave, kinky curly, kinky straight... are just a few textures to name! You can also style your headband wig however you like! Wear your tresses all down, or half up and half down… how about a super cute ponytail? OH, did I forget to mention the variety of different colors to choose from?! YES! The great variety that my shiny headband wigs offer, make it a perfect option to wear every day.


Myshiny headband wigs are less expensive than a full lace human hair wig. No matter your budget or personal style, you will be able to find a headband wig that is the perfect fit for you.

So what is the final verdict? Headband wigs are GUILTY of stealing our hearts! The  headband wig is super cute and trendy! The ease and convenience of the headband wig makes it any wig wearer’s dream!

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