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Frontal Wigs or Closure Wigs?

Frontal Wigs or Closure Wigs?

Glueless frontal wigs

Should you get a frontal unit? Or should you stick with a closure unit? Yes I love frontals but there are some things you need to know before making the decision! Myshiny glueless frontal wigs are best for those girls who love the look of a frontal and don’t want to commit to the day to day adhesive maintenance.

With Myshiny gluless frontal wigs you have the ability for even more partings and have more styling options such as the ability to wear half up and half down.

Yes, we love our glueless wigs and they are our top sellers but if you are not “wig savy” you may need professional assistance.

With unit especially frontal unit we suggest to take off nightly to ensure longevity of your wig after all it was an investment. Myshiny glueless frontal wigs gives you the best wig experience and gives you a little more spice to your looks.

Myshinywigs frontal wigs collection

Closure Wig

Which wig is best for you? Some are stuck between which unit is ideal for them and their lifestyle. As we know frontal units can be a lot more work for the average girl!

So I highly recommend at least starting with one of our closure units in our collection. Easy to apply and don't require too much.

Myshiny closure wigs are the most ideal unit for day to day wear. Myshiny closure wigs are simple and easy to apply even for beginner wig wearers. Myshiny closure wigs do not need professional assistance to install. You can wear a closure wig in different parting styles also. Myshiny closure wigs are of course glueless. We highly recommend every lady to have a Myshiny closure unit in her wig closet.

Myshinywigs closure wigs collection

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