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Wigs or Sewins?

Wigs or Sewins?

Which do you prefer? Which do we prefer and why?

Did you know?

The average sewin lasts up to 6-10 weeks. Average cost of an installation is around $175-$250 each trip to the salon, let's not forget about the cost of maintenance in between the initial install visit. Also did you know what with sewins it can be kind of harder to moisturize your natural hair without always getting your extension oily and no one like oily extensions.
Wigs can last more than one year with proper maintenance and suggested wig care instructions.

Unlike sewins, wigs are only a one time investment. You have the ability to remove and apply wigs daily to moisturize hair daily to promote healthy hair growth. Wearing Myshinywigs you do not have to worry about the stress and tension on your natural hair also promoting healthy hair. With wigs you have the ability to transform your look as often as you would like and what ladies does not like that!

What we recommend?

We, of cause, highly recommend wigs for many reasons. But simply because you will get a lot more for your money in the long run with a one time initial cost. The best part about having wigs is that you do not have to commit to one look and for the ladies who love to change your look depending on how you feel then wigs are the best option for you.

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