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How to Install a Lace Front Wig without Glue? It’s too easy and friendly for beginners!

How to Install a Lace Front Wig without Glue? It’s too easy and friendly for beginners!

As we all know, Myshiny wigs are glueless wigs. Here are some easier and more friendly steps for beginner to install the wig.

1.Put the wig on to the mannequin head or wear it on your head, then clip the hair back so it's up and out of the way, and cut the lace off following the hair line that's already on the wig.

2.Get your cornrows, make your hair flat and pin it up in the back. Then take a stocking cap and put it on to protect the back of your head and keep it from snagging on the inside of the wig part of your head.

3.Tighten the adjustable strap some to get a snug fit. Go ahead and position the wig on your head, then comb the hair out.

4.Take the hot comb to go through especially over the top to flatten it just make it look as flat as so that it looks like real hair. Take the flat iron and straighten the restjust giving it a quick pass all over so it's super sleek. And get this wig in the correct position and push those side combs in once getting to where you want it.

5.Add some concealer to the partjust to bring it out some more. Take it on this tiny brush and blend that out with a finger.  

6.To help to frame your face and bring a little more pizazz to the hair, you can brush down some of the edges on the wig. Cut this hair and use this edge control to bring the hair down with the edge brush. It helps to keep the lace down. Add a little dab of edge control right at the lace where it starts it'll lay it down.  Also put some edge control on the ear tabs as well just to help keep that laying down. 

You could re-straighten it to make it look smooth again.

So this is truly easy and beginner-friendly lace way to install Myshiny wigs.

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