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Lace Too Dark? | How To Fix Dark Lace quickly?

Lace Too Dark? | How To Fix Dark Lace quickly?

Doesn't the lace color suit you?
The lace color is too dark to fit you.
Don’t worry. It’s so easy to fix the dark lace. Let’s show you.
Firstly, I don't like to cover it up with powder because I find that I just used too much. I suggest the lace tint spray.
Secondly, you could see I turn the wig inside out and put the paper towel behind it because I don't want getting all over my room and stuff.
Next, I'll teach you to fix the dark lace step by step.

1.Spray the lace tint onto the lace and you can get it everywhere you want it. You can automatically see the color change .

2.Take your freeze spray from afar to spray.

3.Dry with a hair dryer.

Then ,you could try on the wig. It’s very natural. By the way, Myshinywigs have seamless lace that is a unique kind which is durable and easy to melt, therefore you will be able to use our wig for a quite a very long time because the lace used is of high quality and can sustain you for a long time. So you can try our wigs that they are perfect choices.

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