How to Hide The Knots without Bleaching

How to Hide The Knots without Bleaching

I want to share with you in depth exactly how to cover these knots. It will make your units last a lot longer because you're not adding any bleach to the actual root. Let's just get into it.

Makeup-Foundation/powder, holding hairspray, hair dryer, two brushes, a hard brush.

1. Put the wig on backwards on the model head, then pin the two sides and stretch it as much as possible to get it nice.

2. Spray the top and spray it down with the hairspray, then dry out the hairspray with the hairdryer.

3. Go in with the liquid foundation with the bigger brush, then spray it with hairspray and dry out the hairspray with the hairdryer.

4. Use the small brush with the powder to poke inside the the net to get it to cover.

5. Holding spray gives it a good coat and use the dryer to dry it.

6. Flip the wig over and deal with all the stuff that penetrated through the lace.
Take a hard brush to brush out that hair spray to remove it from the hair.

Now, it's completely covered. You don't see any knots. Let us try it. Of course, if you choose Myshinywigs, you don't need to deal with the knots. Our wigs are slightly bleach knots.
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