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Do you need to pluck the wig? As far as I know, many beginners need to pluck their wigs.
Of course, Myshinywigs do not need to be plucked.
I'm going to be showing that how to pluck in this tutorial. These tips are so useful for you.
·I am cutting this little white napkin and putting that over my model head. Having something white under my wig really helps you see the knots very well and seeing the knots essential for not over plucking. You also want to make sure that you have the wig centered to the middle and pinned down because you don't want to over pluck.

·I'm going in with a hot comb but to just press back that hairline so I can be able to see what I'm working with. If you don't have a hot comb or don't feel like using that, you can also plug the hair wet. But as a beginner I would say pluck it dry and just use a hot comb to press back the hairline.

·Just part the hair down in the middle this helps me to keep in mind of where my middle part is and helps me just work in sections. I feel like it's much easier to work in sections and to try to pluck all over the place.

·I use slant tip tweezers to work. First I pull out the first line of hair in the hairline and I pull that out because I'm not going to pluck that right, now I save that part for the last. I pluck behind the hairline. I'll go in with the hot comb again to help me just push all that hair in the back behind some more and I'll probably push down the hair in the front because I want to get it out of my way, then I go in with my tweezers and I start to pluck a line, skip a line, pluck a line, skip a line. You want to make sure you are pulling the knots from the roots. The key with plucking is to make sure you're not plucking in the same area because that is how you get a bald spot. So I pluck a line ,skip a line and once I've plucked that front row of hair, I go back with my tweezers and I go further back.

·After plucking behind the hairline, push all the hair back up forward with hot comb. Start to work with this final part. I go with my tweezers again and I pluck finally the front line but I pluck it very very sparsely. Maybe I'll go back into the hairline like I'm plucking behind the front just to probably thin it out some more and to make little more gaps.
It's more okay for you to pluck more on the sides and be a little bit less aggressive in the middle. After finishing this side, go ahead and just start plucking the other side. You could get better at plucking by looking at other hair stylist hair lines,observe and analyze them and try to recreate that same thing. It’s helpful for you .
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