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Quick & Simple : How To Fix Over Bleached Knots

Quick & Simple : How To Fix Over Bleached Knots

Do you bleach knots over of your wig?
Do the roots of your wig turn yellow golden?
If your answer is yes, you need to look down carefully.
Don't panic! it's a really easy simple quick to fix Over Bleached Knots.
Before you begin to fix the wig, you need to prepare some tools. Things you're going to need is a mixed bowl of some sort, a comb, a hairpin, some gloves and of course your hair color and mascara.

1.Preparation Work
You can see it is yellow golden at the root of the wig. Put a wig on the head of a fake model and fix well using some pins. Then put on your gloves.

2.Apply the color to the roots using the mascara.
Go to pour the color into the bowl and you don't need that much. Then part your hair. Clamp the rest of the hair so that it's not in your brain. Begin to apply the color to the roots with the gentle touch because you don't want to color the knot for game. And before you part off another section of the hair, you need to do the same thing to the other side and repeat the process. Just take your time and use the gentle hand to do this again and again.

And make sure that you reply the color to the edges as well. Then just slightly comb through the hair to work the color.

3.Let it sit for 25 minutes.
Now you finish the work .The hair doesn’t have those golden bruise and it looks much more natural.
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